Sunday, March 2, 2008

A time line through 1800 for descendants of Lawrence Bankston who appears in Edgecombe County, NC by 1744

The Bankston time line is a spreadsheet with links to photos of original signatures and to document transcriptions.

Two Things:

The Rambo Bankston website address has been changed to

The Third Volume of the series, The Rambo Family Tree, by Beverly Nelson Rambo and Ronald S. Beatty is available for purchase. Nearly all of the Rambo families in the US are descended from one common ancestor, Peter Gunnarson Rambo, who landed on the shores of the Delaware River in 1640 at what is now Wilmington, Delaware. This 2300 page history of the Rambo family describes Peter and his six children and lists their descendants which can be found in every state in the Union. This third volume of the series is the first volume published and describes the children of Gertrude Rambo Bankson, Peter's second child and eldest daughter. Up through 1850 all the Bankson and Bankston families in the US are believed to be descended from Gertrude and her husband, Andrew Bankson (spelled Andreas Bengtsson in the Swedish records. Bankston and Bankson are the primary names in this volume.

Use your credit card to order directly from the book store on on line or telephone: 1-888-280-7715 for about $31.60 including shipping and handling. The Rambo Family Tree: Third Volume: Descendants of his daughter, Gertrude Rambo Bankson is a large print, 540 pages at 8.5 inches by 11.

The remaining four volumes of the Rambo Family Tree Genealogy will be completely proofed and should be in print by the summer of 2009.

Thanks again to all the cousins and to everyone else who contributed to this book. Wonderful cousins and new friends have turned this incredible effort into a real pleasure.

Cousin Ron Beatty

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